Informationen zur EQC 2008

Es gibt umfangreiche Informationen zur EQC 2008, die ja vom 31.10. bis 2.11.2008 in Oslo, Norwegen stattfinden wird. Im Anschluss findet ihr die komplette Ankündigung des Events auf Englisch. Ein paar Kommentare habe ich dazu:

  • Der Umrechnungskurs ist ungefähr  1 EURO = 8 NOK
  • Für den Flug ab Düsseldorf sollte man mit ca. 150 Euro rechnen (Hin und  Zurück), wobei man aktuell noch nicht buchen kann, aber vermutlich in wenigen Wochen dann (
  • Wer das ganze Event mitmachen will (Freitag bis Sonntag) bezahlt 330 Euro, inklusive 2 mal 3 Gänge Menü, und eben komplette Verpflegung udn Getränke, bis auf evtl. einige Getränke
  • Es gibt 3 Flughäfen bei Oslo, von dort muss man ca. 30 Minuten in Zentrum von Oslo fahren (mit dem Bus für ca. 15 Euro pro Fahrt) Von Oslo Zentrum fährt man dann weiter zum Hotel, für vermutlich noch einmal ca. 10 Euro.
  • Ansonsten gibt es wieder das volle Quiz Programm, also Quiz Spiele von Morgens bis Abends. Davor braucht man definitiv keine Angsat zu haben, man muss nicht bei allem mit machen. Es gibt wieder ein Länder Quiz, da müssen wir noch sehen ob es für ein Deutsches Team reicht) dann auch wieder ein 2er und 4er Team Quiz und nat. auch ein Einzel-Quiz. Die Quizze sind erfahrungsgemäß mit viel Mühe gemacht, also mit Bildern und Musik und mal mit Zeitdruck, mal ohne, usw … so dass eben für jeden Quizzer was dabei ist :-D
  • Wir hatten bereits eine erste Ankündigung zur EQC 2008 geschrieben, die kann man hier nachlesen. Sobald es weitere Infos gibt werden wir natürlich berichten. Und dann bald auch ausloten ob es für ein deutsches Team reicht (bitte um Feedback! :-) ) Und wer dann noch mehr Infos will findet hier unserer Bericht zur EQC 2006.



Dear fellow quizzers!

We have the pleasure of inviting you to the 2008 European Quizzing
Championships in Norway, following on the successful events at Ghent
2004, Tallinn 2005, Paris 2006 and Blackpool 2007. The event will take
place at Quality Hotel Mastemyr just outside Oslo, between 31 October
and 2 November 2008.


20.00: English-language pub quiz for early arrivers, somewhere in central Oslo

15.00 – 17.00: Registration and check-in
17.15 – 19.45: National teams and Aspirational cup preliminary round (all four-player teams welcome in the Aspirational Cup!)
19.45 – 21.15: Three-course dinner
21.30 – 23.00: National teams and Aspirational cup semifinals
21.30 – 23.00 (in parallel with semis): Icebreaker quiz
Then: Informal quizzing (several topics and modes)

10.00 – 13.00: Individual championship, main rounds
13.00 – 14.15: Lunch
14.15 – 15.15: Individual championship, final
15.45 – 18.15: Pairs championship
18.15 – 19.30: Free time
19.30 – 21.00: Three-course dinner
21.00 – 23.00: Club team championship
Then: Informal quizzing (several topics and modes)

10.00 – 11.30: National teams bronze and placement finals, Aspirational cup final and bronze final
11.30 – 13.00: National teams, GRAND FINAL
13.00 – 15.00: Lunch, prize ceremonies, IQA announcements

Airplanes to Oslo land at three airports. If you use public transport from the airport, you will have to go via Oslo Central Station (Oslo S) regardless of which airport you land on. The following information may be useful when selecting your flight. Train and bus fares are one-way fares.

1) Gardermoen (OSL), about 50 km north of Oslo.
– Airport train (Flytoget) to Oslo S leaves every 10-20 minutes, takes 20-25 minutes. Fare NOK 160.
– Airport bus (Flybussen) to Oslo Bussterminal by Oslo S leaves every 20-30 minutes, takes about 45 minutes. Fare NOK 130.

2) Torp (TRF), about 115 km south of Oslo.
– Airport bus (Torp-Ekspressen) to Oslo Bussterminal leaves about 30 minutes after every Ryanair and Wizzair arrival, takes about 1 hour and 50 minutes. Fare NOK 150.

3) Rygge (RYG), about 65 km south of Oslo.
– Airport bus (Rygge-Ekspressen) to Oslo Bussterminal leaves about 30 minutes after every Norwegian Air arrival, takes about 65 minutes. Fare NOK 120.
– Free buses from airport to Moss railway station, from which regional trains leave hourly for Oslo S on weekdays, less frequently on weekends. Fare NOK 116.

– The regular Oslo bus route number 83 goes from near Oslo S to the hotel with a frequency of every 15-30 minutes on weekdays, every hour Saturday and Sunday. Takes about 15 minutes.

More detailed information on bus departure locations, exact schedules etc will be forthcoming.

On Friday, it is recommended that your arrival at Gardermoen is before 15.00, at Torp or Rygge before 14.00.
On Sunday, it is recommended that your departure from Gardermoen is after 17.00, from Torp or Rygge after 18.00.

Last autumn, we checked air fares about nine months into the future, to get an idea of how cheap it was possible to make the trip if ordering well in advance. We include what we found here to indicate what may be possible to get of low prices, and which airlines it may be useful to check. Of course there is no guarantee that this kind of prices are available now, but these examples may give an indication:

London-Oslo-London: EUR 73 (Ryanair), EUR 97 (Sterling), EUR 137 (Norwegian)
Tallinn-Oslo-Tallinn: EUR 90 (Norwegian), EUR 170 (Estonian Air), EUR 223 (SAS)
Brussels-Oslo-Brussels: EUR 90 (Sterling)
Amsterdam-Oslo-Amsterdam: EUR 100 (Sterling)
Helsinki-Oslo-Helsinki: EUR 211 (SAS)
Berlin-Oslo-Berlin: EUR 130 (Norwegian); Dortmund-Oslo-Dortmund: EUR 90 (Sterling)
Budapest-Oslo-Budapest: EUR 156 (Norwegian)
New York-Oslo-New York: USD 1500 (SAS); cheaper flights available if flying via London Heathrow

The hotel has free parking for guests arriving by car, e.g. people living on the Continent taking the Kiel-Oslo ferry, or people using rental cars from the airport.


We have been able to get quite a good deal on hotel room prizes, to the extent that using other accommodation actually turned out to be no cheaper than sleeping and breakfasting at the hotel. The following price list should be considered as maximum prices, as we are still looking into ways of making it cheaper.

All prices below are *totals* for the whole period mentioned, with breakfast, lunch and dinners, plus all-day coffee, tea and snacks included, unless otherwise indicated. The prices do not include drinks at meals.

Option 1: Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon: EUR 330 (per person in double room) / EUR 360 (single room)
This is the regular option for quizzers who want to attend the whole event.

Option 2: Saturday morning (no breakfast) to Sunday afternoon, EUR 250 (per person in double room) / EUR 265 (single room)
Only recommended if you have no chance at all of arriving Friday evening. If arriving in Norway on Saturday morning, there’s a fair chance you’ll be late for the first quiz.

Option 3:
Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon; attendance and lunch only, no hotel room, breakfasts or dinners: EUR 220
(without the two three-course dinners)

Option 4:
Non-quizzers, Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon in double room: EUR 240 (breakfast and dinners only, no lunch) / EUR 150 (breakfast only)

In addition:
Extra night(s) at the hotel before or after the event: EUR 70 (per person in double room) / EUR 120 (single room) per night

We will shortly create an online booking form for the Championships. Booking is open as soon as the form is up and running, and we encourage early booking. We will not be sending out invoices before 1. June, and those who have booked before that date will not have to pay before 1. July.

Of course we also recommend booking your flights early, to take advantage of the lower prices this may entail.


You may already have had the idea of extending your stay in Oslo and Norway, and using this event as an opportunity to experience more of our country. For those who have, we plan on assembling an information pack with tips and suggestions for your stay, we hope with a special slant towards quizzers’ interests.  :)

Our web pages will be online shortly at

We hope to see you at the EQC 2008!

IQA Norway / Norwegian Quizzing Association

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